Basket Bullet

Global Master Trainer

Khalil Griffin – born in USA – Global Master Trainer Basket Bullet.

Khalil Griffin is a Certified Personal Trainer and Exerise Specialist from Atlanta,  in the United Stated. With 10 years of experience in coaching and training he has helped motivate and inspire athletes to achieve their goals. He sees fitness as a life long journey and passion and he encourages and supports athletes through a health and wellness lifestyle.

He is also a qualified swim instructor and he has certificates for sports cooperation with children from the age of 2.

For many years he has been training businessmen, sportsmen, politicians.

Khalil love his job. He always has a smile and is happy traning with people. Training others is not his only passion.

He applies his athleticism for baseball, squash, and many other sports. He is a skilled sportsman and singer. Khalil is also a strong explorer of caves and grottos.