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Quincy Sport’s journey began in 2011, blending enthusiasm, technology, and a distinctive product style. This fusion has led to global availability in 120 countries.

Our team, including Olympic medalists, brings years of expertise to our users. We cater to both seasoned athletes and functional training novices. Surveys in gyms reveal that a mere 2% could perform exercises meant for standard equipment. But how many can manage 10 different pull-up variations? Quincy Sport targets the other 98%, offering an array of simpler exercises. This approach benefits everyone, ensuring our gear suits individual, circuit, and group workouts without compromising professional needs.

Additionally, we’ve enabled custom configuration of our equipment, considering user preferences and gym space. This has resulted in over a thousand unique setups, all boasting exceptional functionality.


The Champions Ladder, a versatile climbing treadmill, stands out as the top choice for calorie burning and enhancing both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

It’s designed for everyone passionate about sports, climbing, and a healthy lifestyle, catering to both professional athletes and hobbyists.

Users can personalize their workout by selecting goals like climbing mountains, volcanoes, buildings, or participating in group sessions in gyms or through the iChampion platform, featuring 3D Live Streaming and VOD.

With the rising trend in climbing treadmills and HIIT equipment, Champions Ladder arrives at a perfect time, riding the wave of its growing popularity.


IVE is an outdoor training device suitable for all ages and skill levels, from teenagers to seniors, and from amateurs to professionals. Its innovative load regulation feature makes it easy, quick, and safe to adjust weight according to individual training needs.

In the global market for outdoor equipment with adjustable load, competition is scarce, with only four companies worldwide offering such advanced solutions.


iGreenMill is the world’s inaugural outdoor curved treadmill, unique in its category. This treadmill, suitable for all age groups from children to seniors, features a groundbreaking roller system, ensuring an exceptional running experience.

The treadmill operates on a simple principle: your pace dictates its speed. Speed up, slow down, or stop at will – you’re in complete control, mirroring life’s dynamics.

Equipped with 32 Italian stainless steel rollers, iGreenMill allows for seamless pace control, offering a professional athletic experience. Its optimally curved running surface is versatile, enabling walking, running, and over 30 other exercises.


Clock Line represents the premier and most exclusive range of Quincy Sport products. Central to its innovation is the Iron Halo System™, revolutionizing how additional accessories and training components are mounted. A standout feature of each device is the stainless steel hourglass, hailed as a masterpiece by users. This line is meticulously crafted to form the most functional construction globally.


Aquatic Ecosystem is a cutting-edge, versatile training system that offers limitless product customization based on the user’s training requirements and space availability. It provides a choice of over 50 accessories and storage racks for various training equipment. The system is designed to be compatible with all well-known training accessories, such as TRX, Bosu, Basket Bullet, Reebok Step, CrossCore, Stroops, Vipr, and more.


The Rehabilitation Circle™ is a groundbreaking, multifunctional medical device, designed for comprehensive rehabilitation of the elderly and individuals of all ages needing effective rehabilitation. It’s ideal for use in rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and physiotherapy practices.

In 2012, 122 Labs™ initiated global research to develop a product that would be a multifunctional rehabilitation tool and a revolutionary approach to exercise and healthcare for the elderly. Five years of research culminated in the Rehabilitation Circle™, hailed as the biggest global innovation in rehabilitation by 2018.

Featuring a safety strap that activates if the user stumbles or falls, the device ensures enhanced safety. It also boasts a patented actuator system that allows handrail adjustment with a single button on the control panel, enabling users to adjust handrails to their height.

The rehabilitation path on the device is flexible and can be tailored to the patient’s needs, even during exercise.

The Rehabilitation Circle™ comes with a 21-year commercial warranty, guaranteeing structural integrity, highest quality, and safety standards.


Credo Invest specializes in sophisticated TIG and MIG/MAG welding methods, creating products from stainless steel and carbon materials. They employ cutting-edge technologies like laser cutting and CNC machining to achieve precision in metal processing. Their range of services extends to complete solutions, including grinding, metal finishing, drilling, and bending pipes and profiles. Credo Invest distinguishes itself with a dedication to innovation and enhancing production processes, guaranteeing superior quality products. For additional details, their official website offers more information.

122 Labs

122 Labs is a technology company founded in tribute to Jeanne Calment, who passed away in 1997 at the remarkable age of 122 years.

Our team is dedicated to transforming the world to make reaching 122 years a common achievement, focusing on Cognition, Mobility, and Vitality throughout the aging process. We are committed to providing tools for doctors that will significantly raise global life expectancy and transform the lives of millions of seniors. Our goal is to elevate the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of geriatric diseases to unparalleled heights.

Jeanne Calment, the record holder for the longest confirmed human lifespan (1875-1997), lived through significant historical milestones. At one year old, she witnessed Alexander Graham Bell’s patenting of the telephone, and at 14, the construction of the Eiffel Tower. An avid sportsperson from childhood until 115, she engaged in swimming, tennis, roller-skating, and even took up fencing at 80 and cycling past 100.


Jurassic Gyms represents a contemporary outdoor gym, featuring innovative IVE training equipment.

Sports equipment specialists acclaim Jurassic Gyms as the gym of tomorrow, vital for societal health in both current pandemic conditions and the anticipated post-pandemic era.

The pandemic has greatly impacted health, not only during lockdowns but also afterward. People initially avoided physical activities in enclosed spaces due to infection fears, and later, many lost the routine of regular exercise. Worldwide, fitness club attendance has dropped by 60%, a trend expected to persist during the pandemic.

With declining public health and increasing average weights, it’s crucial to offer a broad range of people effective training alternatives. The Jurassic Gyms initiative aims to counter these alarming health trends and enhance community well-being.

Moreover, Jurassic Gyms focuses on the youth, targeting children and teenagers aged 13-18. This initiative provides them with access to quality sports training and fosters healthy lifestyle habits for their future.