Basket Bullet

​If you think I am a regular basketball, because I look like one... you are wrong. Touch me, toss me… isn’t that wild?

From the ball

Basket Bullet balls have been created for people who are inspired by the lives of athletes. In reference to the unique design, we wanted to create a product that will stand out from the market. Our project was heavily focused on the style inspired by the NBA league.

Finding quality, clarifying the details, and taking care of copying the invoice and the appearance of the balls, were developed over three years to find the ideal ready for production.

Wanting to meet the broad market and also want to create something innovative, we want to give the ball a soul that, caught in our hands, puts us in consternation – are we holding a basketball, or is it really a medicine ball?

We are convinced that the product will meet your expectations and will also make performing a wide range of exercises that work with a medicine ball will be a pleasure.

​If you think that I’m real Basketball, because I look like… you’re wrong.

Touch me, drop me… is it insane?

Basket Bullet – 2 LB – 20 LB

Basket Bullet Technical- 30 OZ – 75 OZ



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Basket Bullet
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